Protect Your (Business) Assets

One of the roles of a business lawyer is that of counselor; to advise business people on how to stay out of trouble.  I have stated many a time in many a venue that next to a house or maybe a nice boat, a business is likely the largest investment of time and money that a person can make.  Why jeopardize it by failing to plan for success and growth with the right business documents.

Most small to medium sized businesses start with an idea and grow based on advertising and the quality of its goods or services.  Most small to medium sized business owners focus their energies externally by investing their time and money into promoting their business and obtaining and improving those goods or services.  But, the sophisticated and truly successful business owners plan for that success by incorporating solid contracts and other legal documents into their business.

A business, like its office building, can be easily understood to have an interior and an exterior.  When it deals with people outside the business, such as customers or suppliers/vendors, that is, of course, its external face.  In that venue, it needs well-planned contracts that help to promote the strength and sophistication of the business.  When it deals with people inside the business, like employees, independent contractors, and consultants, it also needs properly crafted agreements, such as non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, and partnership/shareholder/operating agreements.  Even the single owner should have some form of governing document, just like a Will, in the event that some calamity befalls the owner.  This allows the business to continue or to be more easily sold so the hard work of the owner is not lost.

Are these documents expensive?  Not as expensive as not having them is the answer.  Where do you get them from?  A qualified and experienced business lawyer is your best bet.  You can find many of these on-line, but unless you have the expertise of a qualified business lawyer, you won’t know what you are getting.  Would you buy a house without inspecting it or a car without test driving it or having a mechanic look it over?  Then why build a business without the expertise of a qualified and experienced Board Certified business lawyer to craft these critically important documents for your business.

In the final analysis, building and operating a business costs money.  But, why give up your security and piece of mind by not having a good business lawyer counsel and guide you on what documents you need and when and having that person prepare them for your business.

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