SEO Evolving…

SEO has evolved a great deal within the last few years. It’s no longer a technical function of website development and the individuals/businesses that succeed at SEO are the ones that understand marketing and consumer behavior. The search engines now favor websites that provide visitors with great information and content has become the focus of any SEO campaign. Once content has been created it should be optimized by incorporating specific keywords, but that’s not all that the search engines or web users are looking for. In order for content (on site or off site) to have any impact whatsoever, it must have the following qualities that go far beyond keyword usage.

Successful SEO content is:

There’s no doubt that creating content on a regular basis can be a difficult task. There’s so much content out there already, why not use that? There are ethical ways to “reuse” the work of others. As long as you cite your reference and include a link back to the content that others have created, they usually don’t have a problem with it. While this kind of approach may be a way to reach your content quotas, it really isn’t adding any value. The purpose of your marketing content is to share your opinions, not the opinions of others. The content that you create is a way for potential customers or clients to get to know your business and brand. If you are just rehashing what’s already out there, you are missing out on this opportunity to be seen as a thought leader. You’ll only be viewed as a thought sharer.

Marketing content does not equal promotional content. The purpose of marketing content is not only to get noticed by the search engines. That’s actually only a side benefit. The true purpose of online marketing content is to share your knowledge with target audience members. Help them solve a problem that they may have or allow them to better understand certain aspects of your industry. If all of your content reads like an advertisement it will be treated like an advertisement and tossed to the side. Keep the sales speak out of your marketing content.

When creating content, it’s important to keep it as related to your business and industry as possible. The nature of a blog or social media is that it is generally a less formal way to market a business but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to share just about anything. Some businesses forget this. It’s OK to show some personality, in fact you are encouraged to do so, but it should be the personality of your brand. Creating content that isn’t focused on a niche can result in the wrong kinds of visitors to your site that will never convert.

Social media is now an important part of an SEO strategy as the search engines include social sharing data as part of the search ranking algorithm. The search engines want to rank content that people want to see, and if something is shared in social media it must be valuable in some way. Include social sharing buttons on all content that is created to make it easy for people to pass the information along to their networks that may find it useful.

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