But my business can’t afford a lawyer to write or review contracts!

One of the most difficult issues that every small to mid-sized business faces is how best to allocate operating capital.  Do you put money into advertising and equipment to grow your business or (ugg, here it comes) pay “the lawyer” to do whatever lawyers do.  The answer is you can ill afford to ignore the dreaded lawyer because by so doing you place in jeopardy all that you have worked so hard to build.

Our society grows more and more litigious every day.  Businesses are regularly sued by dissatisfied customers and those with whom they do business despite their best efforts to satisfy those parties.  Too often, however, businesses defeat their own chances for success in such lawsuits by failing to plan.  As the adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

This is where a good business lawyer comes in handy.  Business or commercial litigators regularly deal with disputes over contracts and other alleged business wrongs, called business torts.  Spending some time with counsel to review existing agreements or craft better ones for your business likely isn’t as expensive as you think.  But, avoiding this necessity for your business can be very costly later and can even lead to the financial ruin of all for which you have worked so hard.

Experienced business lawyers know the right clauses to include in contracts and other important business documents.  Usually, these clauses are not included in downloadable documents because those can’t be tailored to your specific business.  For example, should you include a provision that can result in the recovery of fees to the winner of a lawsuit?  Conventional wisdom would say yes, but what if the transactions in your business are often small and you operate on volume.  Are you not incentivizing the other side to sue in that case because they believe they will recover fees that will perhaps be more than the amount in the dispute?  Qualified and experienced business lawyers can recognize matters such as this, properly advise your business on them, and answer your questions about them so you can make educated and informed business decisions.

The Law Office of David Steinfeld in Palm Beach Gardens is an AV-Preeminent rated law firm and David Steinfeld is one of the few Florida Bar Board Certified experts in business litigation in the State.  The Law Office of David Steinfeld leverages technology to move at the speed of your business and to make it easy and cost-effective for you to obtain expert legal advice when you need it.

Free and helpful business law videos and articles are even available on the Firm’s site at http://www.davidsteinfeld.com.  Call or e-mail for an appointment for your business to (561) 316-7905 or info@davidsteinfeld.com.  The Law Office of David Steinfeld looks forward to helping you protect your business so you can operate profitably and effectively.

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